Time flies by very fast, doesn’t it? It’s been a hot second since I’ve published my last post but I hope that I can keep up with writing on a regular basis from now on.

The last weeks were filled with ups and downs and as always, there was aI wave of summertime sadness, especially since it was the first summer living in my new town. Although I visited my hometown quite often and got to see my friends who also visited their parents during their vacation, it was different.

Ever since I’ve loved summer the most. It makes me feel alive, motivates me and even when everything goes wrong: at least there’s sun outside. This summer, the sun did’t have the same impact on me as usual. There was a certain restlessness manifested in my mind and soul that I couldn’t shake off. I was torn between continuing to build a life in my new town and going back to my hometown for a couple weeks. It’s been a dilemma and it still is. Whenever I visit my parents, I feel like going to my new area and creating a new life there, getting to know new people, streets and coffee shops. On the other side it can get quite uncomfortable when I’m in my new town, that isn’t that new anymore, facing a new reality and realizing that this is where the next years of my life will take place.

I couldn’t put into words what I was feeling, but then I heard this song which goes „running away is easy, it’s the leaving that’s hard“ (yes, it’s from Tiktok, sorry not sorry).

However this line really hit the spot. It was easy when everything was closed because of Covid, because that was my excuse to stay at my parents’s house and every now and then I used my apartment as a hideaway, when I felt like being alone for some time. Now that my university tries to teach in person again, I’m obligated to live here and I really had to leave my old home.

With every post, I try to give you some advice in the end, but this one is rather meant to make you feel less alone if you also get homesick from time to time. It’s okay to feel sad, because some things will never be the way they were. Or if you feel like an era is ending and you aren’t really ready to start the new chapter.

Anyway, missing the old shouldn’t mean hating the new. You will get used to the new and if you do not pay attention, time flies by and you may miss what was new then. New eventually gets old, too. It’s a neverending cycle. Try to expose yourself to all that life has to offer: the new, the old and everything in between. Most importantly, don’t be so hard on yourself if you find that you’re missing certain periods of life, and remember that there can be comfort in feeling your emotions, too.

– Jathilda

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