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It’s been about a week since I’ve published my last post and it’s about time to change that. Today, I would like to give you some insights into the last days. Let’s go.

Last Thursday I gave an online presentation about Circular Economy and let me tell you, I was a nervous wreck. Speaking in front of other people has never been a strength of mine. The day before, I was taking it super easy, thinking to myself „It’s only Zoom, who cares?“ Well, I cared on the next day. But here is my life saving trick: Put on some badass music before facing whatever challenge is in front of you. We need to make sure, that our life’s soundtrack fits. It’s also relaxing and depending on which song you choose, you will feel like a queen, which is a confidence booster. 10/10 would recommend. My voice may have been a little shaky, but it would have been worse if I didn’t shake my booty to „Who’s that Chick?“ by Rihanna right before the Zoom meeting started. Yesterday, I got my results and I’m very happy with my grade.

On the next day I went on my first concert since Covid began. It was held on a racetrack and every visitor had an assigned place on that lawn with enough distance to other visitors. It was a so called „Picnic Concert“ so people would bring their snacks and beverages as well as their blankets. You can bet that my friend and I were super extra, she baked a rasperry-chocolate cake, I made some summer rolls and we packed a lot of other fruits, veggies and cookies. Sounds like we were super prepared, right? Well, we weren’t. Last week, there were heavy rainfalls which led to interruptions in public transport. In short: our train had been cancelled. There we were, standing at the train station, backpacks filled with food and voices which sounded a bit groggy from singing the band’s songs to prepare for the concert (you know, we didn’t want to look like fake fans) but without a train. It was panic o‘ clock. Keep in mind, that we weren’t the only ones at the station. After we made some phone calls to ask others if they knew any options to get to that concert (which was in a city an hour away from us), I had the 1000$ idea: Rent. A. Car.

Soo there were a couple of car renting services and after going back and forth, we finally found one, which didn’t have suspicious prices. Another person, who was also dependent from the train, noticed that we were about to rent a car and wanted to join. Since my friend is very open, she said yes and so the three of us took the next bus to get to the car renting service. Along the way, we talked about our driving skills and how lucky we were that the renting service accepted drivers under the age of 21. When my friend and I got off the bus, the third person (by the way a man around 20 years, blue eyes and some glasses) was still in there. His eyes were wide open and all he said was „Uhm… I think I will search for other options, but good luck“. The doors closed and our companion was gone. Maybe he got scared because of our driving stories or because he expected us to be the perfect drivers. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been involved in an accident, but neither am I a showcase model. Long story short, we made it to the concert without any hidden costs and we only came around ten minutes too late.

I will talk about my Saturday in the next post, because I feel like this post would get too long otherwise.

Now, what I’ve learned is that we should stress less about things out of our control. Somehow, things will always work out, if there are meant to. Try to find things that help you compensate like shaking your booty to Rihanna’s hits. Also, you are never alone and you will meet a lot of fun people, when you only stop and look around for a minute. Maybe I will never see that train station dude again, but the panic in his eyes will make me laugh, whenever I think about him, not willing to get off the bus, fearing his well-being. There are times, when I forget that life offers so many opportunities and is full of turnarounds, but on days like these, I remember. Remind yourself to live more often, too and keep your smile.

– Jathilda

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