fear of failure and croaking birds

Sometimes you can´t quite express your feelings. You may try to deliver emotions, but somehow the person you´re talking to doesn´t get it. This, among others, has to be a reason for the creation of poems and music. Unfortunately, I wasn´t blessed with a voice á la Whitney Houston. I sound like a bird. Not„fear of failure and croaking birds“ weiterlesen

conquering changes and sobbing over romcoms

Moving out is very scary and intimidating. I can still picture myself, covered in blankets and squeezing my plushie to my chest while crying on my new matress which was laying on the dusty ground of my new room. That´s how my first night in my new living situation went. But this will be discussed„conquering changes and sobbing over romcoms“ weiterlesen

time to grow up and garlic

ATTENTION PLEASE! Did it work? Or do you already think that I´m a quirky pain in the ass? I hope that the first option is the case here. However, my name is Jathilda or Jana, if you want. My mission on this blog is to share some advices as well as stories about growing up.„time to grow up and garlic“ weiterlesen