stages of life and maternal feelings

Where are you in your current life? I bet, that nobody’s on the same page, regardless of the age gap. Whether you’re studying, working, expecting your first child or just got engaged. The possibilities are infinite. So how come, that we always tend to compare our life stages?

I think that almost everybody has been stressed before, because they felt like they didn’t get as far in life as their friends or people their age already did. Forbes 30 under 30 don’t help with that. Yesterday, I talked to my best friend. She told me, that she wanted to travel through Europe in August. My first thought: Girl, you may be fully vaccinated, but there’s no need to risk it like that. My second thought: Hold up, let me postpone my exams on next semester, Greece, I’m coming for you.

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The second I hung up, I whispered: Where did my brain go? No, I will not postpone my exams for Greece or any other European country. I didn’t work so hard in this semester, only to sip some cocktails by the beach instead of taking those exams. This is not me. So… why was I already planning on taking my studies this lightly?

I must have forgotten, that she is on another stage of life. My friend starts her studies this November. Until then, she does not have any responsibilities, which is absolutely fine. And when she told me about her plans, I desperately wanted to be on her page.

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Another friend of mine gave birth to her first child last year, so they’re celebrating his first birthday soon. Yeah, you guessed right. Whenever I see them together, the mother inside of me awakens and I’m already figuring out how my children’s room should look like. By the way, any suggestions? On other days, I have nightmares about being pregnant, which make me wake up in the middle of the night, checking if my stomach is being used as a lounge.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love visiting Greece. I also can’t wait to be a mother. But here is the big but. Not now. Right now I have to figure out my own life. Concentrating on my goals. Whether that might be university, getting more active when it comes to sports or trying to live a healthier, balanced life. Or even writing these posts, which I very much enjoy.

We cannot always look left or right, comparing our lives with others. We have to stay focused and we should try to doubt ourselves less. Sometimes, when life gets though, I catch myself thinking that I should have never moved out, should have studied something different etc. etc. But as soon as whatever situation led me to having these doubts calms down, I realize, that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be at the moment.

Of course, you can be inspired by the path of others. But don’t forget to walk your own and don’t lose focus, trying to imitate another lifestyle. Find your own way of life. Remember, that everbody is on a different page. Except you. You all should be on my blog page, I see you there. Keep it up!

– Jathilda

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  1. You wrote amazingly!! I loved all of it. I am at the teenage stage of my life. Entered into the world of adulthood (18 years) a month ago and I feel every stage of life is so amazing ang beautiful. You have so much to experience in every bit of it. I loved you writing 😊😊❤❤✌✌

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